Auto & Home Insurance FAQ

Why did NASW Assurance Services choose Liberty Mutual?

NASW Assurance Services chose Liberty Mutual to provide NASW members with auto, home, and renters insurance because Liberty Mutual offers high quality, competitively priced programs at a discount to members throughout the United States, along with an emergency roadside assistance service that can add to your personal safety and security. And the fact that, most members will save money.

Liberty Mutual is a global, diversified, Fortune 100 company that has been helping people live safer lives for over 90 years. Liberty Mutual is doing its part to make the world a safer, better place through Social Responsibility work, community service, and through the assistance it provides through The Liberty Mutual Foundation.

We’re pleased to work with Liberty Mutual because of shared values: a commitment to social responsibility and to giving back to the community. Liberty Mutual provides millions in grants each year to support education, healthcare, and social services initiatives to help children, families, the homeless, and others who need assistance. It has created an online community at http://www.responsibilityproject.com for sharing stories about doing the right thing and about making a difference in people’s lives as well as a site, http://www.befiresmart.com, that provides fire safety and education tips to parents, educators and children.

Will I really save some money?

For most members, the answer is YES. To find out for yourself, just get a quote. It’s quick – and there’s absolutely no cost or obligation to you. Find out now!

Will Liberty Mutual be there when I need them?

Liberty Mutual has been helping people live safer, more secure lives since 1912. With its around-the-clock claims handling, emergency roadside assistance and emergency home repair services, you can reach them any time, day or night. And you can call Liberty Mutual’s customer service representatives for expert help with questions regarding your policy and billing after normal business hours and on weekends.
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What are some of the benefits available to me?

Liberty Mutual offers unique coverage options such as New Car Replacement, Accident Forgiveness, Mechanical Parts Replacement and Unlimited Towing*.

Plus, you may be eligible for additional discounts** based upon your level of education, driving experience and more!

Liberty Mutual also offers another discount on homeowners insurance when you insure both your auto and home with Liberty Mutual. There are lots of ways Liberty Mutual tries to save you money – and still give you top quality insurance and service.

Award winning claims service and 24-hour emergency roadside assistance*** are just some of the ways that Liberty Mutual will be here for you when you need it the most.

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*Accident Forgiveness subject to eligibility requirements; applies to first time accident only; not available in all states. New Car Replacement applies to total covered loss; car must be less than one year old, have fewer than 15,000 miles and have had no previous owner; not applicable to leased vehicles or motorcycles; deductible applies; not available in North Carolina (NC) or Wyoming (WY). Unlimited Rental Car Coverage requires the purchase of Rental Coverage; applies to a covered loss; must allow us to arrange rental and repairs must be done at Liberty Mutual-approved facility; daily limits apply.

**Discounts and savings are available where state laws and regulations allow, and may vary by state. Certain discounts apply to specific coverages only. To the extent permitted by law, applicants are individually underwritten; not all applicants may qualify. Homeowners coverage in Florida (FL) is very limited and several restrictions may apply: the program cannot guarantee coverage. A consumer report from a consumer reporting agency and/or motor vehicle report, on all drivers on your policy, may be obtained where state laws and regulations allow. In Texas (TX): coverage is provided by Liberty Mutual County Insurance Company. California (CA) Department of Insurance license number: 0F52987. Minnesota (MN) Department of Insurance number 40015723.

***Roadside service available to all NASW members as an option with their Liberty Mutual auto policy; if an NASW member is not a current Liberty Mutual auto policyholder, fees for services rendered will apply. Service is provided by Cross Country Motor Club of Boston, Inc., Boston, MA, or through Cross Country Motor Club of California, Inc., Boston, MA.

How easy will the claims process be?

Liberty Mutual processes your claim quickly and without hassles and provides status reports to keep you informed. You can report your claim either by phone or online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For car claims, Liberty Mutual can arrange to have your car appraised quickly, and its Total Liberty Care facilities* will even wash your vehicle when the repairs are done.

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*Not available in Alaska. The same service is provided under the Superior Service Program in Massachusetts.

How can Liberty Mutual help me protect my own assets and safety?

Liberty Mutual understands how important it is to prevent accidents and incidents in the first place. But it realizes that accidents do happen. When they do, Liberty Mutual helps protect the value of your possessions with coverage like the New Car Replacement and Personal Property Replacement services. And its Loss Forgiveness programs for your car and home will help protect you from premium increases.

How can I learn more about how to protect my family’s safety and personal assets?

If an accident, theft or injury can be prevented, Liberty Mutual wants to show you how.
That’s why it has developed a helpful online library of free educational materials including brochures, videos and quizzes that cover topics ranging from home fire prevention to talking to your teens about safe driving.

Look for these online articles and tips at http://www.responsibilityproject.com andhttp://www.BeFireSmart.com. And every policyholder receives a free subscription to Liberty Lines, a periodic magazine that highlights home, car and personal safety tips.

Am I getting a fair price?

Yes. In addition to receiving Liberty Mutual’s already competitive rates, you may qualify for a number of discounts. Liberty Mutual sales representatives can help you get the best coverages and discounts that apply.

How do I know which coverages and deductibles are right for me?

Don’t let insurance terms confuse you. Let Liberty Mutual’s licensed representatives take the time to explain the terms and make recommendations that fit your personal situation. They will do their best to make sure you are fully protected. Call 888-403-3727.