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Social Worker Professional Liability

The NASW Assurance Services plan offers to eligible National Association of Social Workers (NASW) members:

  • A plan with a solid track record for PLI for social workers.
    NASW Assurance Services offers the standard against which all other social work PLI programs are measured.
  • A plan with rates and terms that make sense for social workers.
    The NASW Assurance Services plan offers you the lowest rates available for a range of coverage options. You can receive a full year of coverage for less than the typical cost for a one-hour consultation with an attorney.

The NASW Assurance Services plan provides protection for most "wrongful acts" in social work malpractice, such as:

  • Treatment without proper consent
  • Incorrect treatment /improper diagnosis
  • Failure to consult with or refer a client to a specialist
  • Failure to prevent a client's suicide
  • Causing a client's suicide
  • Failure to protect third parties from harm
  • Inappropriate release/detainment of a client in a hospital, confinement
  • Sexual involvement with clients or other sexual misconduct (subject to reduced limits)
  • Breach of confidentiality
  • Defamation
  • False imprisonment
  • Failure to provide adequate care for clients in residential settings
  • Failure to be available when needed
  • Termination of treatment
  • Improper child placement

The NASW Assurance Services plan also offers low premiums, with a choice of coverage options ranging up to $2 million maximum per claim/$4 million aggregate for the policy year. Coverage is available for individuals, partnerships and corporations under this policy, and includes:

  • Professional legal counsel
  • $250/day up to $5,000 for expenses related to attendance in court or at depositions
  • Payments for settlements and judgments
  • Defense fees (defense payments do not reduce amounts available for the payment of settlements and judgments)
  • $5,000 reimbursement for legal defense costs for licensing board hearings at no extra cost (Higher limits available for an additional premium)
  • Instant, toll-free access to insurance administrators
  • Free premises liability coverage
  • No deductible

Consideration of an Extended Reporting Period (or "Tail") option is vitally important for people who are covered by "claims-made" insurance. This type of insurance is the industry norm for social workers, so you should know how the "tail" option works and what it can do for you. Once your policy is terminated, "claims-made" insurance coverage ceases completely.

This means that any social work malpractice suit that is reported after your insurance policy expires will not be covered unless you elect the recommended "tail" option coverage. You can obtain a "tail" option for this type of insurance that will extend coverage beyond the end of your policy.

With "tail" coverage, you can report a new claim for any incident that occurred while your social work professional liability insurance was in effect even after your insurance is terminated. This is extremely important, since years can elapse between the time of an incident and the time that a claim is actually made.

This plan offers you a guaranteed option to obtain an unlimited Extended Reporting Period for 90 days after you terminate your professional liability insurance. Most insurance companies only allow a limited "tail" option extending coverage for two to five years. But NASW Assurance Services provides you with an unlimited "tail".

Free Unlimited Tail Coverage upon retirement, permanent disability or death, or Unlimited Tail Coverage for a one-time cost equal to your last year's premium, if your policy is terminated for other reasons.

Exclusive Hold Harmless Protection Extends protection free for professional social work liability assumed under a contract, such as one with a managed care firm.

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