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Student/School Social Work Liability

Malpractice risk starts during social work education. That's why NASW Assurance Services offers specially designed student/school social work professional liability protection.

This program offers (1) individual coverage, which the student obtains for him/herself for field placements, and (2) blanket coverage for the school and its faculty as well as its students.

Individual coverage protects the student directly as the policyholder. To be eligible for individual coverage, a student must be enrolled in a Council on Social Work Education accredited social work degree program (or a program approved for candidacy) and be a student category member of the National Association of Social Workers.

NASW Assurance Services offers low premium rates for the individual student program.

Blanket school coverage protects the school and all faculty and students for any social work malpractice actions filed against them. The school and faculty are covered for all activities within their teaching capacity, not just field placement. To be eligible to apply for the school blanket policy, the social work program must be accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (or the program must have been approved for candidacy).

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