The “PLI” Website Has Moved

In our continuing effort to serve NASW members, we have removed our PLI website to direct new and current policyholders to the NASW RRG Administrator website – – where you can apply, renew, and manage your professional liability policy.

All Social Workers Need Professional Liability Protection

Social work is a rewarding profession. But social workers at every stage of their career and in any work setting need protection from legal action due to negligent acts, errors, and omissions on the job and from frivolous lawsuits that could be brought even years later.

Professional liability insurance protects social workers if you are sued for malpractice. Without coverage, you could spend precious time and resources defending yourself, regardless of whether or not there is any merit to the claim. Professional liability insurance provides you with experienced legal defense and coverage for settlements or damages.

Choosing the NASW-Endorsed Program

The NASW-Endorsed Professional Liability Insurance Program was designed by social workers with the specific needs of social workers in mind, and with unique benefits that can best protect NASW members. This program provides you with the best possible professional liability insurance at the most competitive group rates for the value you receive.

Available Only to NASW Members

The NASW-Endorsed Professional Liability Insurance Program is only available to current NASW members. This allows ASI to manage all aspects of the program, make sure benefits stay current, keeps costs low and enables advocation on behalf of NASW members if they are unfairly denied coverage or renewal.

Have peace of mind knowing your coverage is provided by an organization that you trust and cares about you!

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