Life Line Screening FAQ

What is Life Line Screening?

Life Line Screening provides a preventive health service that NASW Assurance Services has just begun offering NASW members as a new discounted member benefit under the ASI Health Choices Program.

Life Line Screening provides affordable, convenient, preventive health screening and medical testing that can help NASW members and their loved ones detect serious health problems (like blocked arteries, irregular heart rhythm, and aneurysms) for follow up with a physician or emergency room, or that can help allay the fears and concerns of healthy individuals worried they might have a serious problem, providing peace of mind.

In operation since 1993, Life Line is America’s leading provider of mobile health risk screening, with an excellent reputation in the general public and medical community.
Life Line Screening screens for: Stroke; Vascular Disease (such as heart attack); Peripheral Artery Disease; Arrhythmia; Carotid Artery Blockage; Atrial Fibrillation; Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm; Osteoporosis; Glucose; Total Cholesterol; and C-Reactive Protein.

Of the 900,000 people screened each year, Life Line Screening refers nearly 4,000 to their physician or emergency room for life saving services they might not otherwise have received until too late.

Although NASW members and their families are free to participate in the Life Line screenings as they choose, it’s always good to consult your physician beforehand or if your screening results indicate any sort of problem, for a recommendation on what is best for you.

Why is ASI offering the Life Line Screening Program for NASW Members?

We care about NASW members and are working hard to provide meaningful benefits for you that make your NASW membership even more valuable.

We’re aware that four out of five strokes occur with no warning, and that cardiovascular disease is our #1 cause of death and a leading cause of disabilities. The problem is that doctors, typically, cannot order diagnostic testing for their patients who are not exhibiting symptoms. We see Life Line Screening as providing a beneficial, potentially life-saving option for members who choose to use these services – particularly for those with inadequate health coverage who might be able to proactively avoid expensive, life-changing medical catastrophes.

In addition, if a member, or member’s relative, were to take these tests at a normal hospital, clinic or doctor’s office, the combined expense would exceed $1,000 and, perhaps $2,000, depending on which part of the country you live in. NASW and ASI believe this is a way to save our members money and help hold down the medical expenses of our country.

Does either NASW or ASI receive income from Life Line’s screening of our members?

Neither NASW nor ASI receives any revenue from Life Line Screening for this program to members; every available price savings is passed directly to you in the form of the lowest possible discount price available ($129) for the Stroke, Vascular Disease and Heart Rhythm Package, three of four major screening tests that that would cost upwards of $1500 if ordered by your physician.

ASI negotiated this special discounted rate for NASW members so that you and your family members (including parents) can save money on Life Line Screening services as a benefit of being a member of NASW.

And if this more affordable access to these services helps even one of our member social workers who work so hard to help others, we’ll feel we have made an important difference.

Is Life Line Screening available in my state?

Life Line Screening is currently available in the 48 contiguous U.S. states. Life line Screening is not currently available in Alaska or Hawaii.

Additionally, in northern most states where harsh winter weather can impact the travel of its mobile screening units, the majority of screenings are held only during the spring and summer months.

How can I check to see when and where the next screening event will be in my area?

Simply visit the NASW member landing page at www.lifelinescreening.com/nasw and use your zip code to search for screening events coming up in your area.

You can book an appointment online, or you may call a caring Life Line Screening call representative on the NASW member line at 888-466-7876.

How will I be notified about future Life Line Screenings coming up in my area?

In addition to periodically visiting the NASW Member website at www.lifelinescreening.com/nasw to locate and book screenings for yourself or your family, you will be notified by mail the month before Life Line Screening mobile screening units are scheduled to be in your area. The mailing you receive will include location and scheduling details and a phone number for you to call to book your appointment, if you wish.

Information about Life Line Screening is also available on ASI’s website at www.naswassurance.org and will be provided in our general marketing materials available at NASW Chapter conferences.

How does Life Line Screening Screen NASW Members?

Life Line Screening’s screening Services are:

  • Convenient – Services are offered locally, in a member’s neighborhood or community.
  • Affordable – NASW members receive a special member discounted rate.
  • Easy to Schedule – Members make screening appointments by simply calling the trained Life Line Screening representatives at the dedicated NASW member Life Line Screening Service Line 888-466-7876 during convenient business hours during the week and over the weekend: Monday – Thursday: 7:30 am – 10:00 pm; Friday: 7:30 am – 9:00 pm; Saturday and Sunday: 8:00 am – 9:00 pm. (Eastern Time)
  • Life Line Screening’s services are fast, painless, and safe.
  • Life Line Screening only uses highly trained staff and Doppler ultrasound systems.
  • All tests adhere strictly to protocols to ensure consistency and accuracy.
  • No disrobing is involved.
  • Accurate, Board-Certified Results. Those who read these results are all certified physcians, cardiologists, vascular surgeons and radiologists.
    Screening results are sent to all participants in 21 days.

Do NASW members truly benefit from a member discount? I think I’ve seen the $129 rate advertised in my local community to members of the general public.

Yes, NASW member discounted rate of $129 is for the Stroke, Vascular Disease and Hearth Rhythm Package, which is more complete in terms of determining the risk of stroke than the $129 Wellness Package sometimes promoted by Life Line Screening to the general public. The NASW member Stroke Package also includes the Atrial Fibrillation (heart rhythm) test. Someone found to have AFIB is 4-5 times more likely to have a stroke. Thus, the NASW member Stroke, Vascular Disease and Heart Rhythm Package includes better screening tests.

This more comprehensive Stroke Package is available to NASW members for $129 and to the public at $139. The $129 Wellness Package sometimes promoted by Life Line Screening to the general public would be $119 for NASW members.

Additionally, NASW members can add the Osteoporosis test to the Stroke Package at a significant discount – for $10 – if you choose – instead of paying the publicly offered price of $35. About 22% of women over 40 who are tested are found to have an onset of Osteoporosis.

Can my family members also benefit from my NASW member discounted rate?

Yes, NASW members are being provided this benefit to include members of their families such as parents, spouses and domestic partners, children, in-laws, etc.

What if I want to purchase my screening tests separately instead of a package?

You can certainly do that if you choose, although you can achieve cost savings by purchasing tests as a package if you need them. Purchased separately (not as a package), all individual tests are priced at $60 and the Osteoporosis test is priced at $35.

Your Stroke, Vascular Disease and Heart Rhythm Package includes four tests for $129, with an option to add the Osteoporosis test to check your bone density for only $10.

I believe that promoting elective screening tests can lead to unnecessary worries and testing for people who do not need them.

Health screening may not be the right option for everyone. However, ASI believes that offering it as a consumer choice at the best available member discounted price will be beneficial to some NASW members and could potentially help save a life.

We know this has been the case for many other individuals who have already used the Life Line Screening services and were able to follow-up with their physicians for life-saving services as a result, and have written testimonials about their experience.

I’ve heard that screenings can generate false positives leading to costly, unnecessary additional testing and medical procedures which puts stress on our health care system.

Yes, it’s possible in all medical testing to experience a false positive. But we understand Life Line Screening has a very good track record in this regard.

Doesn’t the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommed against some of these tests in younger individuals with no history of heart disease?

With regard to the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force findings, Life Line Screening provides an alternative viewpoint that makes the case for the benefits of early screenings in allowing individuals to make healthy lifestyle changes based on their test results and significantly help reduce their risk of a future stroke or heart attack.